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  • 7 Reasons why your Mortgage Broker should be a Dog

    22nd June 2017
  • In this week's blog, we explore the 7 reasons your mortgage broker should be a dog:

    1. Speed

    Your broker will be first and they will be fast like a dog catching a ball flung from one of them plastics throwing doo dar thingies. They will respond to your requests quickly and at any time, so long as they're not sleeping. Dogs do not have office hours, neither do good mortgage brokers.

    2. Loyalty

    You, the client, are vital to the survival of the domesticated broker. If you feed them your business they in turn will give you their loyalty, undivided attention and most come trained how to fetch (a good deal for their clients).

    3. A Great Introducer

    Like walking your dog, a mortgage broker will introduce you to people you would normally never speak to. Solicitors, will writers and every now and then Carol and her happy snappy Chihuahua

    Will writing is not part of the Intrinsic offering

    “If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.” - Will Rogers

    4. Specialist

    Guard dogs, watch dogs, lap dogs. Residential, commercial, buy-to-let. Brokers normally have an area of expertise - ask and they will tell you

    The FCA do not regulate some buy to let mortgages.

    5. Pedigree

    A Crufts winning pedigree Shih Tzu will set you back a good £2,500. A mongrel from the local rescue centre is all well and good – they just won’t win you any awards and may well chew your new sofa.

    6. Unconditional Love

    Your dog will always be happy to see you, as will your broker. You should be happy to see them too. They should see you at least once a year and without asking they should bring you presents like a discounted will writing service, fee free protection advice or an old slipper. Don’t forget your mortgage broker is for life, not just for Christmas.

    7. Don't have a dog and bark yourself.

    Your mortgage broker will do all the work for you, if your pal Brian down the pub says that the daily fail newspaper has recommend a 2 year fixed grate deal at -1.8% don't go barking up the wrong tree - your broker knows best (unless you found them in your local rescue centre)

    If you’re thinking about having one for your family, a mortgage broker that is, then click HERE

    Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

    * This blog post is dedicated to my best friend, Max. His love knows no bounds.