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  • Harj Gill

    Harj hails from Barking, Essex and is the proud father of three children and a valuable new member of the Keystone team, bringing with him a wealth of experience and technical knowledge.

    Harj believes strongly in self-development and that our journey through life is all about self-improvement. In his own words ‘I believe we all have great energy and the power to become a better person and this is the code by which I live in all aspects of my life.”

    When not at work, Harj balances his time between his family and his core hobbies which include yoga and cycling. He also enjoys good company, conversation, music, films, food and drink. Generally, quite a passionate and life loving person.

    Harj’s best holiday ever was quite understandably, his honeymoon. He travelled from London to Bangkok, from there to Sydney, travelled through remote coastal locations to Melbourne then finally taking in Hong Kong before their eventual return to Old Blighty.

    Harj is passionate about supporting charity, though does not specifically favour one in particular. He is currently in training as he plans to raise money for a hospital who looked after his father and hopes to do his first major charity bicycle trip this year.

    Harj qualified with B.A. (Hon’s) in Financial Services (2:2) and has subsequently completed numerous industry recognised qualifications.

    Harj’s Specialities:
    Retirement planning
    Estate planning
    Wealth management and protection
    Individual and director / shareholder protection
    Family protection
    Mortgages and property finance
    Workplace pensions

    • Favourite Pub: Porterhouse, Dublin.
    • Best Restaurant: Laona, Pathos, Cyprus

    Harj’s Pet Hates:

    • Inconsiderate Drivers
    • Poorly made coffee – i.e. cold, bitter or instant
    • Dog owners who don’t dispose of their mess

    Harj’s Bucket List:

    • Run a tea house offering great tea, coffee, wholesome food and lovely treats
    • Run a Yoga and Meditation centre for all ages, including children.
    • Travel the world and experience new cultures

    Harj’s Special Qualities:

    • Professional Public speaking
    • Passionate communicator
    • Positive outlook on life