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  • James Carson-Lee

    With an exceptionally heart-warming attitude and wonderful charisma James, our Mortgage & Business Protection Specialist, who hails from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, now lives in and serves the population of Brighton & Hove, East Sussex.

    James is known for his relationship with his clients and has been quoted as saying “there’s no traffic on the extra mile”. This cheesy saying and notorious reputation for Dad jokes is resonant of his reputation.  You have been warned.

    A real family man James says he credits the love of his family, his long term partner Nicola and Max his trusty and very handsome pedigree Shih Tzu sidekick for his success in his life. We also cannot be held responsible if you fall in love with Max…or James (he asked we put this disclaimer in…for himself).

    This doesn’t mean James isn’t relentless in business. As a former semi-professional boxer James knows the meaning of protect yourself at all times and prides himself on his ability to get the job done whilst defending his clients best interests and getting them the best results. He believes strongly in his reputation as one of the good guys of the financial world.

     “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”


    James’ Specialities:

      • Relevant Life Policies (tax efficient life cover) – Ltd Companies
      • Shareholder/Partnership Protection (A Company Will) – Companies
      • Key Man insurance – Self employed clients
      • Residential Mortgages – Self Employed clients
      • Buy-To-Let - Self Employed Clients

    Charity Involvement:
    In his career James has raised over £10,000 towards Cancer Research UK and Dogs Trust. Having boxed on White Collar events to achieve these fantastic contributions we are proud James’ achievements.

    Best Holiday Ever : Orlando, Florida as a child with my family
    Activities : Boxing, spending time with the family, friends and Max, binging on box sets.
    Favourite Pub : The Joker Brighton
    Favourite Restaurant : 64 Degrees Brighton

    James’ Special Qualities:

      • Charisma
      • Empathy
      • Relentless drive for results for his clients/family/friends

    James’ Strongly dislikes:

      • Katie Hopkins
      • Public places that don’t allow dogs
      • Abuse of consumers/clients’ interests by business

    CONTACT JAMES HERE : james.carsonlee@keystonewm.co.uk