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  • Mandy Cairns

    Born in Roehampton, Mandy grew up in New Malden and now lives in Merton Park, so she has always lived on the edge of London.

    In her own words, “After leaving college I joined Abbey Life where I took on a business support role. When Abbey Life closed down 13 years later, I met with David Carter of Rock Financial and later Keystone Group and have worked with him now for some 17 years. David often says to me “Apart from my mum, you are my longest female relationship!”, though I must stress, it has always been on a professional footing!

    I met my husband Daren when I was 25, apparently he was going to propose to me on my 30th birthday in Amsterdam whilst we were on a Lovers Cruise, but he got a bit tipsy and forgot – luckily he did remember a few days later and I was married at 35. My husband is a keen Carp fisherman and this has seen us have many holidays in France where he caught his biggest fish at 57lbs. Whilst Daren fishes I love to read and catch a few rays”.

    Mandy’s Specialities:
    Mandy currently holds the position of Business Liaison Manager for Keystone Group, which involves all of the day to day aspects of running the businesses. Whether that be bookkeeping and payroll, to reconciling our accounts, too managing the tenants of Vine House.

    Mandy’s Favourite Charity: Cancer Research

    • Best Holiday Ever : Touring Canada!
    • Activities : Cooking, Reading and Walking
    • Favourite Pub : Earl Beatty, Motspur Park!
    • Best Restaurant : Definitely Ill Camino in New Malden

    Mandy’s Pet Hates:

    • People who lack common sense

    Mandy’s Bucket List:

    • Visit Las Vegas! (what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas)
    • See the Terracotta Army
    • Learn to speak French

    Mandy’s Special Qualities

    Known as our Super Swan! Mandy works well under pressure and has been likened to a Swan – floating gracefully on the surface, while her legs are paddling like mad underneath.