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  • Mark Bowers

    Mark grew up in the Sutton area and has proudly been part of the Keystone Team for over 16 years! Mark holds a full Financial Planning Certificate as well as the CII Mortgage Advice Qualification. He derives his greatest satisfaction from getting first time buyers their first residential property investment. “I find nothing more enjoyable than being invited to a client’s new home to see the fruits of my labours”, says Mark.

    Mark looks forward to his weekly game of golf. He enjoys reading biography’s about sporting giants and heroic explorers, Sir Ernest Shackleton being the greatest of all. Mark feels the book that changed his outlook on life is ‘One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich’ by Alexander Solzhenitsyn. He firmly believes after reading it you will never have a bad day again! Mark is married to his wife, Jan, to whom he has been devoted for 26 years now.
    In his own words “I am of a happy disposition, always seeing the positive side of life and always happy to help others in need. I have never worried about possessions, as I feel happiness and good health are the most important”.

    Mark's Specialities:
    All types of Mortgages, whether it be First Time Buyer or experienced landlord looking to expand their Buy-to-Let portfolio. Mark provides help and advice throughout the whole purchasing process. He assists with finding the right deal to packaging and submitting an application in order to obtain a swift mortgage offer from lenders. He also aims to ensure clients are adequately protected in the event of them passing away, or suffering from ill health or disability.

    • Favourite Charity : St Raphael’s Hospice in Sutton (Help for Heroes)
    • Sports Team : Proudly supports England in all Sports they play (Ps. Mark has season tickets to Sutton United)
    • Activities : Golf, Cooking, Exploring the Greek Isles and Watching Football!
    • Favourite Pub : All who serve a god pint of ale!
    • Best Restaurant : All great Italian or Curry Restaurants

    Mark’s Pet Hates:

    • Negative people

    Mark’s Bucket List:

    • Mark lives in in hope of finding a cure for his wife, Jan, who suffers from back problems and mobility issues
    • To reduce his golf handicap down to single figures!

    Mark’s Special Qualities:

    • We unfortunately can’t explain these as it would reveal his true identity.